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Image by Issy Bailey

Disaster Risk Reduction

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, landslide, floods, affect large areas and millions of people, but responding to such disasters is a massive logistical challenge. Crisis responders, including governments, NGOs, and organizations, need fast access to comprehensive and accurate data inventory ,assessment, predictions in the post disasters events to plan relief and rescue operations.

Innovative technologies are enabling countries to effectively address disasters across all scenarios (pre, during and post).They help in understanding disaster triggers, enhancing predictive analytics and forecasting to enable early warning systems, assessing pre- and post-disaster physical damages.

We provide customized solutions for DRR using Innovative technologies such as AI driven rapid disaster damage assessment, Interactive web tools based on spatial analysis to visualize risk zones for targeted relief and rescue operations and situation reports to take decisions based on reliable to real -time location based data and maps.

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